Bergen BAT storage tank

This multifunctional buffer tank for storage of heating system technical water is an efficient solution for storing technical water heated by different heat generators (solid fuel boilers, heat pumps, other heat sources).

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It represents the “thermal flywheel” of the heating system and significantly increases the comfort of heating, making it very similar to that of automatic gas/fuel oil heating systems.

It is used to improve the heating system where the heat source is not uniform (biomass, solar systems...). In addition, it is also used to enhance the performance and increase the efficiency of pellet systems, furnaces, burners... It ensures several hours of heating even when the boiler is turned off.

Installation of the tank reduces the emission of flue gases and chimney decay, protects the boiler from harmful formation of condensed tar and increases the overall system performance. During the installation of the multifunctional tank in a closed heating circuit, it is not necessary to install anti-corrosive water treatment systems.

Documentation - PDF.

Technical characteristics

Zapremina vode u rezervoaru 805 lit.
Visina rezervoara 1840 mm
Prečnik rezervoara sa izolacijom 990 mm
Maksimalni pritisak u bojleru 3 bar
Maksimalna temperatura u bojleru 99 °C
Prečnik priključaka za senzore 1/2″
Prečnik priključka za električni grejač 6/4″