Bergen PEX-a pipe with O2 barrier

BERGEN PEX-a are pipes with oxygen barrier for heating systems, sanitary water and secondary parts of public heating systems. They can also be used for cooling and material transport systems.

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Product description

Pipes are delivered in coils. Easy and ergonomic mounting is reflected in regular bending of 5x of pipe diameter, while benders are used for bending of 3.5x of pipe diameter.
Molecular orientation provides the hardness of tubes.
Due to a high level of flexibility and hardness, the product is extremely highly resistant to breaking, bending and other physical irregularities.
Possible cracks are not spreading rapidly.
Thermal resistance is reflected in the possibility of continuous operation at 70°C with a pressure of 6 bar, while short-term operations at -100°C and +110°C are also possible.
Due to low pressure and dripping, there is no risk of creating deposits.
Reduced wear level due to low friction resistance.

Technical characteristics

Procenat umreženja >70% po EN 579
Niža gustina od konvencionalnih PE-Xa cevi 0,935 g/cm³ , po ISO 1183, metod D
DIN/Certco i SKZ sertifikati Cev kvalifikovana kao PE-X 100 materijal (MRS=10Pa)
Koeficijent termalnog širenja 1,8·10¯⁴ K¯¹, po DIN 52328
Temperatura omekšavanja >130°C, po DIN 53460
Izduženje prilikom kidanja >400%, po ISO 6259
Zatezna čvrstoća 25MPa, po ISO 6259
Koeficijent hrapavosti 0,0005
Difuzija kiseonika kroz cev je značajno niža nego što se zahteva po DIN 4726
Higijenska svojstva cevi testirana po EN 852-1, ISO 4120-1983, ISO 4594-1983