BQ7 RF wireless thermostat

This digital wireless programmable thermostat, BERGEN BQ7 RF WIRELESS is used for the regulation of functions of nearly all thermotechnical and air conditioners available in the market.

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Product description

It is connected to thermotechnical or air conditioners with a room thermostat connector, regardless of whether the control voltage of the connector is 24V or 230V. The thermostat can be programmed according to user needs – for heating or cooling.

It can be set to a specific temperature for a period of time selected by the user, which provides comfort and energy savings. For each day during the week, it is possible to set the temperature for a certain period of time.

The connection between the thermostat and the receiver is established via radio frequency. BQ7 RF provides the following benefits:

  • During space renovation, there is no need for subsequent installation in order to connect the thermostat to the device whose operations are controlled
  • The device can be located in any room as chosen by the user

Documentation - PDF.

Technical characteristics

Opseg merenja temperature 0 – 35°C (u koracima od 0,1°C)
Opseg podešavanja temperature 7 – 35°C (u koracima od 0,5°C)
Preciznost merenja temperature ± 0,5°C
Opseg kalibracije termometra ± 3°C (u koracima od po 0,1°C)
Opseg izbora osetljivost uključenja ± 0,2°C (za radijatorsko grejanje),
+0/-0,2°C (za podno grejanje)
Temperatura skladištenja – 10°C … + 40°C
Napajanje 2 x 1,5 V alkalna (LR6 tip. AA)
Snaga 1,3 mW
Vek trajanja baterije otprilike 1 godina
Radna frekvencija 868,35 MHz
Dimenzije (mm) 130 x 80 x 35 (bez držača)
Težina 154 g
Tip senzora NTC 10 Kohm 25 °C ±1%
Napajanje 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Snaga 6 W
Napon uključenja 24 V AC / DC – 250 V AC; 50 Hz
Jačina struje uključenja 8 A (2 A induktivno opterećenje)
Domet približno 50 m na otvorenom
Težina 150 g
Ukupna težina uređaja 500g