Steel boilers MAXIMUS

Bergen steel hot-water boilers are of a very modern design, of superior quality and very easy to handle. They are intended for heating of residential and commercial buildings, as well as large systems, either as a basic or alternative heat source. In essence, they are designed for burning solid fuels, but fuel oil (with the addition of burners and regulating automatics) and pellets (by simply adding a pellet burner to the already prepared hatch on the boiler door), in a temperature range of 90/60 °C.

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  • The design of the Bergen MAXIMUS heating boiler provides three flushings inside the boiler, thus achieving a high degree of exploitation of solid fuel combustion.
  • The furnace and convection part of the boiler are made of high quality boiler sheet 5 mm thick, connected using a modern cutting and welding technology, which ensures high reliability in operation, as well as a long and high quality useful life of the boiler.
  • Large door and boiler furnace allow for combustion of large solid fuel and are extremely easy to clean and maintain.
  • The convection part of the boiler is positioned at angles in order to facilitate the flow of flue gas as well as natural sagging and return of burned particles to the bottom of the boiler.
  • The boiler door is insulated with a 30 mm thick insulation material, which reduces the boiler losses. The formwork is delivered separately, which facilitates the boiler manipulation, easy transport and installation, thus reducing the risk of damages.
  • Testing of each boiler for leakage is double and is performed using special-purpose devices, which increases the safety and reliability of the boiler.
  • There is a possibility of installing a thermal fuse, providing additional protection against overheating.
  • 5-year warranty

Documentation - PDF.

Technical characteristics

Maksimalna snaga [kW] 20 25 30 35 40 50
Raspon izlazne toplote [kW] 10-20 12-20 15-30 17-35 20-40 25-50
Maksimalni radni pritisak [bar] 2,5
Maksimalna radna temperatura [°C] 90
Radni temperaturni interval [°C] 70-90
Klasa kotla po EN 303-5 3
Potrebna promaja [Pa] 21 22 23 25 26 28
Max temperatura dimnih gasova [°C] 250