Gas boilers SIRIUS

BERGEN SIRIUS GAS BOILER is a reliable and cost-effective solution for heating family homes and residential units.

It is ideal for new buildings, as well as renovated facilities. Thanks to its compact dimensions, even in the smallest installation space, the boiler provides the comfort of central heating and an abundance of hot sanitary water.

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It is suitable for radiator and underfloor heating, while its advanced automatic controls ensure an accurate power output according to user needs.

The Bergen Sirius burner modulation technology enables working with reduced flame and gradual increase of power as necessary, so that comfort and use of energy are always perfectly balanced.

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Technical characteristics

Toplotni ulaz (Qmin-Qmax) [kW] 10,0 – 26,5
Izlazna snaga (Pmin – Pmax) [kW] 9,1 – 24,8
Klasa efikasnosti prema direktivi 92/42/EEC ★★★
Temperaturni opseg na grejanju [°C] 30 – 80
Temperaturni opseg pri pripremi sanitarne vode [°C] 35 – 60
Indeks zaštite od vlažnosti i vode [IP] X4D
Specifični protok TPV (ΔT=30°C) [l/min] 10,7
Električno napajanje [V/Hz] 230/50
Prečnik dimovoda [mm] 60/100
Dimenzije (VxŠxD) [mm] 704x400x300
Neto težina [kg] 29