UNICUS pellet burner

Due to its structure, BERGEN UNICUS BURNER provides efficient combustion and fits the majority of boilers in the market.

It is designed and developed to offer high combustion efficiency of over 95%, thus achieving savings in pellet consumption.

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Its ceramic heater provides a long lasting useful life and quick pellet combustion. The burner tube is made of 3 and 4 mm thick refractory stainless steel, which enables durability and long useful life.

The burner is factory fitted with a connector for automatic cleaning compressor, and it can also control the compressor solenoid valve.

The burner controller is produced using the latest technology, easy to use and provides a high quality and safe operation of the heating system through advanced functions.

It is equipped with several independent safety systems, such as a vertical transporter, discharge tubes against overheating and a flame sensor. All safety functions are controlled by a unique control system that monitors the burner functions and plays a sound alarm if necessary.

Technical characteristics

Toplotna snaga [kW] 10 – 40
Maksimalna potrošnja goriva [kg/h] 2 – 8
Prosečna dnevna potrošnja goriva [kg] 8 – 60
Dužina [mm] 610
Širina [mm] 220
Visina sa priključnom cevi [mm] 420
Visina vez priključne cevi [mm] 225
Prečnik plamene cevi [mm] 137
Napajanje [V/Hz] 230/50
Potrošnja električne energije [W] 30-40
Karakteristike goriva Drveni pelet 6 – 8 mm
Sadržaj pepela < 0,7%
Sadržaj vlagde < 10%
Weight [kg] 14
Dužina transportera [m] 1,5