Bergen Tilia Premium

BERGEN TILIA PREMIUM is a device with technical characteristics of the highest quality and built-in functions of the latest generation of ON/OFF class of air conditioners.

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Product description

A special feature of this device is the compact design of its indoor unit. Special attention is paid to the finishing of the front panel, complemented with elegant decorative metal tape, which with built-in invisible display in sleep mode contributes to the overall appearance of not only the device, but also the interior itself.

The device uses environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A instead of R22, which ensures more efficient operations of the system and less environmental impact.

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Technical characteristics

Kapacitet Hlađenje 3250 W 4800 W 6150 W
Grejanje 3400 W 5300 W 6700 W
Energetska efikasnost A A A
Napajanje na unutrašnjoj jedinici 1 Ph, 220-240V, 50Hz 1 Ph, 220-240V, 50Hz 1 Ph, 220-240V, 50Hz
Tip napojnog kabla 3×1,5mm2 3×2,5mm2 3×2,5mm2
Kabl međuveze 5×1,5mm2 5×2,5mm2 5×2,5mm2
Ulazna snaga Hlađenje 1012 W 1695 W 1915 W
Grejanje 941 W 1468 W 1856 W
Jačina struje Hlađenje 4,32 A 6,81 A 8,49 A
Grejanje 4,4 A 6,72 A 8,23 A
Prook vazduha (m3/h) 550/500/430/330 650/560/480/350 900/800/700/600
EER 3,21 3,21 3,21
COP 3,61 3,61 3,61
Opseg radne temperature -7 – 43 °C -7 – 43 °C -7 – 48 °C
Unutrašnja jedinica
Buka (zvučni pritisak [dB]A) 42/39/36/33 42/38/34/31 49/45/41/37
Dimenzija jedinice (ŠxVxD) (mm) 773x250x185 849x289x210 970x300x225
Dimenzije pakovanja (ŠxVxD) (mm) 822x322x255 902x357x279 1020x369x295
Masa (neto/bruto), kg 8,5/9,5 11/13 13,5/16,5
Spoljašnja jedinica
Buka (zvučni pritisak [dB]A) 52 56 56
Cevni priključci Gasna faza Φ 12 (1/2″) Φ 12(1/2″) Φ 12(1/2″)
Tečna faza Φ 6(1/4″) Φ 6(1/4″) Φ 6(1/4″)
Max dužina/visina cevne instalacije (m) 15/10 25/10 25/10
Dopuna freona cevne instalacije posle 5m po 1m (gr) 15 15 15
Vrsta freona R 410A R 410A R 410A
Dimenzije jedinice (ŠxVxD) (mm) 776x540x320 848x320x540 913x680x378
Dimenzije pakovanja (ŠxVxD) (mm) 823x358x595 881x363x595 997x431x740
Razmak između nosača spoljne jedinice (mm) 510 510 549
Masa (neto/bruto), kg 30/32,5 39/41,5 50/54